Naming And Shaming The Hatemongerers

Scotland is a country poisoned with hate.

There is a religious rift in Scotland between Protestants and Roman Catholics and there is great hatred between them. The medium for expressing this hate tends to be the rivalry between two football clubs, Rangers and Celtic.

The media give a great deal of attention to this hatred and, it could be argued, stoke the flames of it.

It should be pointed out that this conflict between Protestants and Catholics is a bit of a phoney war. It is a hyped-up conflict and this actually makes it all the more shameful.

But the real shame of Scotland is not religious hatred; it is racial hatred.

At present Scotland is divided between those who want to remain part of the Union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland and those who want to separate from the Union. This division looks to get deeper and wider as we get closer to the Referendum on independence in 2014.

Regardless which side wins this Referendum, Scotland will be bitterly divided. Scotland will be torn in two.

I believe it’s important to understand why this deep split – already there prior to the Referendum and arguably one which will be much deeper after it – is taking place in Scottish society.

Now I am not talking about the trumped-up political or economic reasons given to us by separatists. No, I am talking about the real reason they want separation.

I am talking about the elephant in the room, the thing separatists don’t want discussed. I intend to talk loud and often about that elephant on this blog. I will name the elephant and draw everyone’s attention to it.

The elephant in the room is hatred of the English and hatred of the Monarchy.

Hatred of England and the English is the root of separatists’ campaign to destroy the United Kingdom. It is the raison d’etre of those who want independence.

Now any cause based on hatred is abominable and also rather pointless. It is one thing to hate the excesses and abuses, imagined or otherwise, of  the British Empire (a favourite subject of nationalist haters)  but it is another thing to hate your fellow countrymen and women.

And two things must be borne in mind in all this hating.

Firstly, because of the Act of Union, there is no “other” nation of England to hate. The Act of Union created a new nation out of both Scotland and England – a new nation called Great Britain.

To hate Britain is to hate ourselves since we are not “part” of Britain – we ARE Britain! The Union is not a partnership; it is a union i.e. just like a marriage, both parties become ONE.

One nation. One kingdom.

So to hate Britain is to hate yourself.

Secondly, Scotland had such a massive part to play in the British Empire that both Michael Fry and Tom Devine, two respected Scottish historians, both wrote bestselling books on the “Scottish Empire” as it is now deemed in revisionist circles.

In essence, hating the British Empire is hating Scotland’s history.

If the drive to separate the UK is not about anti-English hatred, why do separatists in Scotland never speak of being “free” from our ties in the Union to Wales and Northern Ireland?

Most people in Scotland are not fooled. They know what the elephant in the room is.

On this blog we will definitely not be ignoring it.

Anglophobia is the hate that dare not speak its name in Scotland.

It will be named and shamed here.


11 thoughts on “Naming And Shaming The Hatemongerers

  1. Was it not said , at the end of last season
    ” The offensive behaviour laws , will not cover events during Englands matches at the Euro championships”

    • Very good point. I look forward to the new Scottish Police Force making many arrests among the Tartan Army when their anti-English singing gets into full flow.

  2. Very worrying. Worth remembering that there are large swathes of Scotland where there isn’t the same divide across religious lines though. Nothing of note in my area for example.

    • Yes good point – it does tend to be a Central Belt thing and mainly WOS
      Sadly, this doesn’t apply to the Anglophopbia

  3. Nail on the head Bill. Revisionists among the Republican and nationalist hate groups, never admit to their bigotry and racist antics. I once had the misfortune to spend an evening with SNP big-wigs, at a west coast hotel. All was well until the Nats had a few drams and their favourite topic came up. I have never heard as much bile and bigotry as I heard in one hour of sitting with these people

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