In Defence Of George Galloway

The title of this blog is not exactly in the “Things You Thought You’d Never Say” list but the reason for the title is definitely in the “Things You Will Probably Never Blog About” file.

I want to defend George Galloway from the hordes of the greatly-offended champions of justice that are baying for his blood over the Julian Assange matter.

Firstly, let me deal with the sex bit. This is one area I definitely don’t like talking about because there is more hypocrisy around sex than arguably any other subject.

Which is exactly why it needs discussing.

So here’s my tuppence worth.

George Galloway didn’t say anything wrong in his analysis of the sex act that has led to accusations of rape against Julian Assange. He certainly did not condone or trivialise rape in any way.

The Gorgeous One was simply speaking as a bloke. And he was speaking in the real world. This is a world where many professional handwringers and intellectual types no longer spend much time. They have swapped the real world for a pretend universe where they can snipe at real-worlders and invent a morality based on invented offences and pique.

George’s language was clumsy and wieldy, perhaps indicative of an off-day for a man who can use words like a rapier. No rapier-like sharpness from George on this, sadly, just blunt words that would bruise the easily-offended.

And those easily-offended have come out in droves, jumping on the PC bandwagon for a bit of kudos with the feminist lobby and proving they are trendily liberal.

“What a beast of a man,” you can hear them say in a shrill whine. “Misogynist pig.”

Now I don’t know what kind of guy Gorgeous George is with the womenfolk. I would imagine he is a bit of a charmer but maybe he can be a bit dominant. Who knows?

What I do doubt is that George Galloway is a man who tolerates the sexual violation of women.

In a nutshell, all GG did was say what many were thinking about the rape charge against Julian Assange i.e. it’s a pile of poo. To be specific, his crude remarks about insertions may have been cringe-worthy but they were not an endorsement of non-consensual sex, just the opposite.

The reality is that what George Galloway said was perfectly reasonable.

It is perfectly normal for someone to wake up naked in bed with his/her lover and begin to make love to their sleeping partner. It’s called sleepy sex.

Do we really live in such a paranoid PC world that you cannot wake up and caress your sleeping partner intimately for fear of being convicted as a sex criminal? Is that what we are reduced to?

Now let’s put this in perspective. I read a lot from men online lambasting George Galloway for his comments. This was a phoney outrage but I’ll get round to that. Are you really telling me that if these men were woken up by their wives or girlfriends touching them sexually they would jump out of bed, phone 999 and report their partners for attempted rape?

Most men would think they were lucky gits, not victims of a terrible crime.

You see, the problem with the whole Julian Assange thing is that there is a subliminal message beneath it all and that message is that a man sticking his penis inside a woman is wrong.

Yes, I know it is about consensual and non-consensual sex but that is not the subliminal that is coming across. Assange is being portrayed as a creep for wanting to stick his penis inside the woman in question, as if sex itself was dirty and wrong.

Now let me get something out of the way here. No man should ever have intercourse or attempt to sexually touch a woman if she does not consent. That is my position and it is George Galloway’s position if you are honest enough to read what he is actually saying, not what the trolls are telling you .

What GG said was what most reasonable people could not argue with – that in the context of being naked lovers in bed together, Julian Assange’s sexual congress with the woman while she slept was arguably bad sexual etiquette but not necessarily rape.

It is all about the context. The problem for Assange is that it appears this was not an established relationship he was engaged in with the woman so it may have been more than bad sexual etiquette. This is the big flaw in George Galloway’s argument and the tricky part for Assange.

In short, Julian Assange did not have enough of a relationship with the woman to be so familiar with her sexually.

That is something that only Julian Assange and the woman he slept with would know. Other allegations haunt Assange, such as his refusal to wear a condom with one of the women.

The whole thing is a quagmire and it looks like it has pulled George Galloway into it.

But where Galloway is on much surer ground is his assertion that the entire matter is about WikiLeaks and the rape charge is just a means to get at Assange.

It is not implausible that Julian Assange has been the subject of a good old-fashioned honeytrap.

The whistleblowing of WikiLeaks clearly sent the Americans and other Western governments into apoplectic fits of rage. The dodgy dealings and criminal activities of these governments were being exposed to a watching world. It was clear that they had to take Assange down.

And what better way than to brand the guy a rapist?

Now, if Julian Assange has been set up, as per George Galloway’s assertion, because of his whistleblowing activities, then it is an abominable and sneaky way to take the guy out.

Equally, if he is guilty of rape, then he should be sentenced under law for his crime.

What is sickening about it, though, is that many have jumped on the bandwagon to vilify George Galloway and accuse him falsely of defending rape, purely because they dislike the man and his politics.

It is quite disturbing to read tweets from certain people about what they would like to do to female celebrities and then read tweets about their distaste for George Galloway’s remarks on the Assange affair. It appears their respect for women only magically appears when the opportunity to knock a man they hate arises.

It is like those champions of equality that are jumping out of the woodwork to support same-sex marriage because it is opposed by the Catholic Church. They have somehow managed to overcome their own propensity to bash gays in favour of a much more deeply-entrenched hatred.

Hypocrisy is, of course, the big problem in 21st century civilised society. The hypocrisy of Western governments propagating freedom and democracy while engaging in genocide to further their imperial agendas is only disputed now by the dumbest of suckers.

The exposing of this hypocrisy by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks – and by people like Gallus George Galloway – makes them a target for our corrupt governments.

This is to be expected.

What is really vomit-inducing is the hypocrisy of people who will oppose their own beliefs and prejudices just to lash out at someone they dislike.

I don’t know what Julian Assange got up to with Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén. I suspect he is the victim of his own stupidity in getting embroiled between two flighty women. His decision to bed them was, in retrospect, very unwise.

But one thing I am sure of is that, whether Assange is guilty of sexual molestation or not, the entire matter is a convenient way for the enemies of WikiLeaks to take out its leader and founder.

Now, if George Galloway is right and the charges against Assange are trumped-up, it is something which adversely affects all of us who seek true freedom and justice in Britain and the world.

As for the matter of sexual etiquette, things are much more clearly defined here in Britain, where women have devised a highly-effective signalling method to let their partners know that sleepy sex is definitely not on the cards.

Bridget Jones pants.


7 thoughts on “In Defence Of George Galloway

  1. Did anybody notice how the Daily Record didn’t have any mention of the GG/Assange story that was circulated on every other news media?

  2. I posted a comment previously but it didn’t get through…..well, here goes again.

    What is it that GG knows ?
    Why is he saying that Assange is guilty of a minor misdemeanour and what has that to do with who else is, alledgedly, ‘holing up’ in the London Embassy ???
    Is GG, in fact, covering up for bad Labour and Conservative misdeeds ???

  3. Just find it hard to defend this buffoon,far to much has been said by him in the past,think he would learn to wind his neck in sometimes!!!

    • I think you have nailed it. GG is his own worst enemy. Sometimes he is so bang on but when he is wrong it is an epic fail. I don’t think he handled the Assange business at all well but you have to be honest and say he is being slaughtered unfairly as if he is rape-friendly.

      • To be honest the guy is an embarrassment in my opinion,but hell what do I know,am just the plonker that works on shifts,he’s just a plonker that can’t keep his nose out of the media,only reason he is not in the SNPee is they have a cheek to be embarrassed by him as well,just imagine him and wee fat Alec

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