Fear And Self-Loathing In Scotland

You have to wonder if the letters SNP stand for Self-Negation Party.

Alex Salmond’s SNP – and who doubts it is Salmond’s SNP, no-one else’s – is engaged in a massive exercise to deceive the people of Scotland at this present time by peddling a myth so ridiculous even Mel Gibson wouldn’t dare to make a movie out of it.

The myth is actually one of the most ancient of myths and it is this: somehow Scotland as it is is lacking something, and this lack stems from an injustice that must be righted.

Scotland, we are told by Salmond’s SNP, lacks status, respect, freedom, dignity and self-determination.

Now, if this were true, it would make separating from the UK an arguably much more noble pursuit.

Here’s where the big problem lies for Salmond and his English-hating supporters – the myth they propagate is just that – a myth, with no basis in reality.

In order to understand why Scotland being the poor, downtrodden colony of the big, bad English is so mythical, you have to understand the nature of the Union.

The Act of Union did not create a partnership of nations or a federation of states. The Act of Union is more akin to a marriage than a partnership or federation.

Technically, both Scotland and England gave up their individual statehood and identity to form a new state and nation called Great Britain in 1707.

This is much like a marriage, where the husband and wife give up their separate identities to form a new shared identity in the mystical union of marriage. Interestingly, the SNP has shown disdain for traditional marriage at the same time it is pursuing a divorce nationally. The macrocosm always reflects the microcosm and vice versa.

This means that there is no “other” in a marriage; there is only “we.” Of course, I am speaking of a view of marriage which is old-fashioned and has been eroded by several “isms” in our postmodern age.

Put bluntly, to hate Great Britain is to hate ourselves. The myth that the SNP peddles necessitates creating a false sense of “other” by treating England and the English, as well as all things British, as ANOTHER.

But the reality is that to hate England or Britain if you are a Scot is to hate yourself since you are ONE with the English and are British.

Britain is holographic in concept – each “part” is not a part but contains the whole. You can be Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish but all are British.

It’s not an either/or – it’s a both/and.

DNA mapping has also provided further evidence of the oneness of people in the British Isles. This is to be expected after millenia of interbreeding among the people groups in these islands.

Scotland did not lose anything by becoming part of Great Britain; she simply gave up a smaller identity to embrace a larger one. Scotland does not need to be “a nation again” as we are told by separatists. Scotland in Great Britain is the greatest nation in history.

The story of the British Empire is not the story of English colonisation – it was the Scots who did most of the colonising!

Of course Salmond knows this fine well. He knows he has to get the Scottish people to swallow a big whopping lie in order for his power grab to be realised.

The lie is that greatness awaits the Scottish people.

The truth is that greatness is inherent in the Scottish people.

We already have all that Alex Salmond is promising us. We have status, respect, freedom and dignity by being both Scottish and British.

As for self-determination, it can be a tempting idea.

But a dangerous and selfish one if you are married.

Most people in a good marriage weigh up their options and decide it’s better to stay committed in a marriage union than chuck all the benefits of it away.

If the marriage is working, why separate?

“The grass is greener on the other side” has wrecked many a good marriage.

But it is a myth.

The people of Scotland should not allow Alex Salmond and his followers to project their own hatred and self-loathing onto the rest of us.

Unlike the Self-Negation Party, we have no identity crisis.


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