Is Murdoch Showing His Hand?

Those of us in the know have been telling those who don’t want to know for quite some time now that Rupert Murdoch has a hand in the conspiracy against Rangers FC.

Today’s edition of The Sun certainly backs this up.

The Sun is serialising a book by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, a self-invented journalist who apparently had to flee Scotland because of an infamously repugnant failure on his part as a carer to care for an elderly patient.

The book follows the tone of Phil Three Names’ blog, which is an incessant anti-Rangers rant, and is about the apparent downfall of Rangers.

The horrifically bigoted nature of Phil Three Names’ blog is excerpted here.

This is not the place to launch a spirited defence of the team I support; I have another platform for that.

Nor do I intend to comment much on the actual content of Mac Giolla Bhain’s book.

The point I am making is that Rupert Murdoch’s Sun is giving a massive centre-stage to a book which continues the campaign of vicious hatred and bile directed at Rangers and the club’s supporters.

“Why would Rupert Murdoch be interested in Rangers and seek to destroy the club?” someone may ask.

There are at least 300,000 reasons why.

That is the estimated number of Rangers fans who went to Manchester and its environs for the UEFA Cup Final in 2008.

It doesn’t include the tens of thousands who watched the game on the big screen back at Ibrox or the multiplied tens of thousands who watched it at home or in pubs and clubs all over the land.

If you are still not following, that is because you do not think like Rupert Murdoch and the nationalists he controls.

Most people were thinking: “How amazing that Rangers can generate such a massive showing of support for their team!”

But Rupert was thinking, “If this club can get hundreds of thousands of people mobilised for a game of football, what else can these vast numbers be mobilised for?”

Now it’s no secret that Rangers stand for the Union and the monarchy, both things which Rupert is known to be agin. In Rupert’s mind, Rangers stand as a massive obstacle to his plan to install his puppet Alex Salmond as President of a Scotland Republic.

It really is that simple.

In order for the Murdoch masterplan to come to pass, this obstacle must be removed.

This partly explains the reasons why Rangers FC  and its fans have been subject to constant barrages of abuse, persecution and downright bigotry in recent times.

Rangers, of course, can expect no succour in the bitter war waged against the club from the Scottish Government. The SNP are not going to help Rangers in any way because Rangers are such a potent touchstone and rallying point for Unionists.

It’s not a simple Rangers v Celtic thing, either, because many Celtic fans are Unionists. It’s just that no-one sees Celtic’s large support as a threat to the Union in the same way as Rangers.

There is a lot of fighting phantoms in the current battle between Unionists and separatists. This is due partly to two main misconceptions on the Unionist side.

One is that using logical arguments and statistical proof is enough to convince people to vote no to separation.

The other is refusing to acknowledge the real nature of the struggle itself, which includes a head-in-the-sand approach to recognising the real protaganists in it.

You can tell if you are holding this misconception by a simple test.

The test is: Do you think Salmond is the real leader of the separatist campaign?

If you answer Yes to this, you failed the test.

Recognising and confronting the enemies of Scotland – and the UK – is what those who love this nation must do.

Sooner or later, those who hate Britain and our monarchy will show their hate and be exposed for the bigots they are.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain does’t hide his hatred of Britain or the Scottish club that is quintessentially British.

By showcasing this twisted bigot, it appears Rupert the republican is starting to show his own agenda to the watching world.


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