I Will Maintain

In my time blogging to the Rangers-supporting community, I have come across a disconcerting reality:

The conditioning by social engineers of what is now openly called an underclass with impunity, despite tough new anti-sectarian legislation in place, has been largely effective.

What do I mean?

In a nutshell, the relentless waves of social conditioning (propaganda to the layman) have resulted in producing the desired effect:

The word “Protestant” is now a dirty word in the UK, particularly in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where it had a more dynamic meaning.

Many who would be termed Protestants by other sections of the populace, including those sections historically hostile to Protestantism, now do their best to denounce the term vehemently.

Protestants have bought into the smear that Protestant equals bigot and sectarian. They have allowed themselves to be demonised to the extent that many despise and renounce their own identity.

Of course, many of those who practise this self-abnegation are timid folks – “handwringers” to use a popular derogatory term – while others have sought justification for their rejection of the Protestant faith by turning to atheism and irreligion.

It is interesting that atheists from a PUL background are neither honoured nor recognised by those who despise the PUL community.

To a Roman Catholic bigot, all people from this community are orange b******s, regardless of individual faith practice.

That is one of the ironies of people who forswear their own Protestant connection – it doesn’t grant them the immunity they seek.

To those who engage seriously in the religious wars, there is no Switzerland, no neutral zone. He who is not for us, is against us tends to be the prevailing approach in respect of conscientious objectors and others who wish to abstain.

That there are Catholic bigots who treat all non-Catholics with abuse and malice, there can be no doubt.

If not, why the need here in Scotland for anti-sectarian legislation?

Of course, there are Protestant bigots too, as well as bigots of other faiths and none.

However, the drive to eradicate sectarianism is not equal in its application.

The proof of this could be seen recently when Channel 4 journalist Alex Thomson spoke of a Rangers-supporting “underclass” in society.

Hardly anyone registered this bigoted slur.

Can you imagine, though, if anyone spoke about the Muslim underclass? Or the Catholic underclass? Or the Irish underclass?

Or a disabled underclass?

Can you compute the amount of outrage there would be if, horror of horrors, Englander Thomson had mentioned a Scottish underclass?

This would have been weaponised by Salmond’s propaganda unit and used to massive effect as an example of English racism. Of course, Salmond has no interest in attacking any smear upon what is perceived to be a Unionist-leaning section of the community.

The real target of the anti-sectarian legislation is the PUL community. This was confirmed by Roseanna Cunningham, the Scottish Government’s Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, who infamously said that the anti-sectarian legislation was “motivated by anti-Catholicism.”

She did, however, have to concede in her arguments for the legislation to be passed that it could be applied to Catholic bigotry.

The problem is that more than a few people in the PUL community are beginning to accept the victimisation and have become self-loathers.

While it is right to renounce hatred and bigotry from one’s own side, that is not the same as renouncing your entire identity. As the saying goes, you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Just because there are bad apples in the barrel, it shouldn’t make the apples want to be pears.

People who self-identify as Protestants must not allow this process of demonisation and vilification to continue. They must fight for the civil liberties that exist because of Protestantism in the first place.

Which reminds me of the great irony in atheists trumpeting about their right to have no religion in the 21st century… a right that only exists because of the Protestant Reformation.

Of course, there is a massive difference between true Protestantism i.e. the Protestant faith and cultural Protestantism. I intend to cover this in future posts.

And it should be stressed that there is simply no place or argument for a “Protestantism” that is founded upon hatred of Roman Catholics.

For all the trumpeting of equality and multi-culturalism in Scotland, there are certain cultures that the present government is actively engaged in opposing.

Broadly speaking, if you are a Unionist, Loyalist, Protestant or Rangers supporter, Salmond’s government has no time for you.

Which is spectacularly dumb.

Because, as the opinion polls show, the vast majority of people in Scotland are in at least one of these categories.

Funnily enough, the SNP is considered historically to be a Protestant party.

I am sure SNP members would shudder at this appellation now!

But that doesn’t mean people who consider themselves Protestant should.

The Roman Catholic religion may consider Protestantism as apostasy and sin.

And the media and social engineers may try to condition us to think it is socially undesirable.

But it is not a crime to be a Protestant.

For the time being.

The challenge for those who take pride in their Protestant faith, heritage and culture is to make it a badge of honour again.

My blogs on The Rangers can be found at: www.billmcmurdo.wordpress.com and www.coplandroad.org


9 thoughts on “I Will Maintain

  1. Bang on the money Bill. However I feel the tide is turning – or at least it’s ebbing gently in a different direction. The majority in this country, the indigenous populace, have finally realised what is going on, what the anti-Protestant bigots in our midst have engineered over a number of years. Witness the raw bigotry and hatred of a creature you have mentioned previous, one Phil Mac Gorilla Brain, as an example of what anti-Protestant hatred produces.

    We shall now bring their poisonous game to a grinding halt.

  2. Funny how Roman Catholics are regularly termed “devout” in the press (including the devout Roman catholic Jimmy Savile amongst others) but protestant is ofter preceded by extremist or bigoted.
    Keep blogging Bill.

  3. Lack of knowledge leads to lack of understanding….lack of understanding builds walls that are hard to tear down. Lack of understanding allows people with nefarious intentions to create division rather than understanding. I was once a teacher of Religious moral and philosophical studies in a Scottish secondary school and was asked to present a paper on ‘Religious education’…some in my audience were uncomfortable with the idea that Knox was the first promoter of universal education for all in Scotland. If a people don’t know where they come from then it makes it harder to travel on a journey.

  4. Another fine and true blog Bill. You should email your daily blogs directly to David Cameron. I know a lot of people have no time for the conservatives. But to my mind they are the only true Union political party that we have. He should read your blogs daily and get people in place in Scotland to counteract Anti-British feeling wherever it rears its ugly head. We need all the help we can get. British, Scottish, Protestant and Proud.

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