The Indelible Stain

The people of Britain are reeling under wave upon wave of child abuse revelations.

On top of the Jimmy Savile scandal, news is emerging that two BBC employees are suspected of sex crimes against minors on the same scale as Savile’s. This is astonishing news, given the fact that Savile is now regarded as being one of the worst serial sex offenders in British history.

Something is clearly rotten at the heart of the BBC.

And isn’t it amazing that people in Britain can be fined for not paying the licence fee to fund this paedophile-ridden organisation?

The papers this morning are also reporting a television actor is to stand trial in November for the rape of a fourteen year old boy and other sex crimes.

The sordid secrets of TV celebrities who use their fame to carry out horrific abuse are coming out into the open with increasing regularity.

This is a painful but necessary thing.

Furthermore, it isn’t just the world of entertainment that is being ripped open to expose the awful secrets of paedo celebrities.There is now news emerging that a paedophile ring has links to the heart of Number !0 during the time in power of an as yet unnamed Prime Minister.

A senior aide of this PM was involved in a paedophile network which included Peter Righton of the Paedophile Information Exchange. Righton was convicted in 1992 of importing indecent images from Holland in an investigation that uncovered the links to Parliament and Number 10.

Harriet Harman, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. has previously expressed support for the Paedophile Information Exchange – a now outlawed group – and for sexual relations between adults and children. Obviously Harman does not like this aspect of her past brought up

Everywhere you turn paedophilia’s stinking stench hits you in the face.

It is an indelible stain on our society.

As news emerges of more and more famous people who are involved in this despicable activity, the ordinary people of Britain will have their illusions shattered.

Is this really a bad thing?

We have been weaned on a steady diet of celebrity worship, with fame and glamour sold to us as evidence of success and worthy goals to be pursued. In Britain today, if you are not a celeb you are a nobody. This is reinforced by programmes such as X Factor and other wannabe productions that transform Joe and Jill Nobodies into “stars” and “artistes.”

In short, we have been conditioned to live in a world of make believe where becoming famous is all-important, akin to heaven on earth.

It’s no bad thing that this celebrity-worshipping culture we live in is dismantled and shredded due to revelations of child molestation carried out by our “heroes.”

The most important thing, as always, is our children.

Creating a society where they can live, go to school and play in safety and security must be paramount to every decent person in this country.

The cover-up of paedophilia that blights and rots many an institution in this nation is coming apart at the seams.

The dam is breaking.

Who knows what will come forth?

One thing is for sure.

The nation will be the better for it.


24 thoughts on “The Indelible Stain

  1. I’m not only shocked, but very interested in the flow of information that is appearing, as well as how endemick this paedo syndrome is. This needs to stop in our Country, and Britain. If that’s how they behave of latin european faith, then that’s their indaba – but we Britain, must be paedo free.

    If our Scottish immigrants are as stunned as others, then the indigenous Scottish society must take the credit for that, as we’ve managed to educate them that this disease is unnatural & deplorable.

    And those that are as snug as a bug, under a rug, will rue the day when the decided to orchestrate the abolition of the biggest club in Scotland – when the authorities finally catch up with their corrupt institution, likewise, backdated, as per bbc, I xpect at least the very same punishments as penn state received – and I could never imagine the sfl accepting them into div 3 – there’s too many weans.

  2. Apologies for the immediate response,
    Country wide protestation, in not paying Licence fee,

    Until we see clear evidence of all those who committed, aided and abetted those at the BBC in these vile actions are brought to boot?

  3. It is of note, that Harriet Harmons religious persuasion is one of the Roman, Mr Saville of course one of the Roman.
    Allegations of Paedophillia attaching to number 10 around the coming of age of New Labour, infested with and run by the Roman.

    Strike me down, but was that not Tony the closet Roman’s era, coincidentally who was closet Tony The Roman’s right hand honcho, why yes Doctor Death, well renowned Roman and PIRA / sympathiser / CFC chairman.

    We know doubt know that Paedophile’s cross political and religious barriers, but it surely can be of no coincidence that organised Paedophillia manifests itself through one mainstream global organisation and its followers, The Roman.

    This organisation, we take offence at calling it a faith, as they are not of a faith, they are Roman, Christianity’s Shame, the faithless.
    A concentrated concerted and continued effort must be coordinated to truely expose the extent of Paedophillia within organised establishments wherever they may be, or whatever they may be.

    For the writer writes, through personal experience of how Paedophillia can destroy those close to you and what the after effects can be to your family. The writer without recourse / remorse would protect his children with his life from this act of barbarity with no concern of who or what standing in society was afforded to the Paedo.

    Above all, children are all innocent until corrupted by the adult, it is up to adult to protect and shield our children from the corrupt.

    On an other note, the Top Policeman accussed of ther Hillsborough Cover up, funnily enough has a Papal Knighhood, hm they dont just cover up their paedo crimes.

  4. in the last few weeks it appears Britain is awakening to child abuse and paedophilia, everyone seems to be getting investigated, lets hope the innocents from celtc boys club finally get closure and those that hid what was happening to these young boys get taken to task the same as those in the bbc. Offending a football club and its support should be no reason to not to reveal to the world the goings on of torbet.

  5. Another day, another dollar. Heading home now from another long day to get some warm food into me and catch up on the days news. I used to expect news on the economy, terrorism and some celebrity nonsense. Now I know to expect sordid details of the most hideous act known to man. Some might think its vile that I embrace such news, but I do. Not because I see it as a chance to gloat against football clubs or Broadcasting Corporations operating in Britain that are guilty of such beastiality, but because with each brave victim that speaks out hopefully another evil scumbag is outed. No more shall they have free reign to take a child’s innocence to satisfy an inhumane lust. I’m not naïve nor bigoted to believe only certain sects of society are guilty of this, but I do know that I know right or wrong. Sadly institutions fundamentally see no wrong in Paedophilia, if they did they wouldn’t cover it up and protect the scum that commit such crimes. This isn’t an act of bravado using a Qwerty keypad, but should I come across any friends, colleagues, neighbours that commit rape I will take the law into my own hands. No law of the land can adequately deal with these animals. Maybe the sadistic way in which I would punish them makes me a bad person, but it doesn’t make me an animal. An animal is not just the Beast that commits the act, but also those that protect them. Be the protection through love, ego, reputation or fiscal each is as shallow. There is no way back for the BBC, even now they try and deflect attention so perpetrators can remain immune from justice by raking up old dirt on football teams. I’m not working 40 odd hours a week to fund these scumbags, I have morals. As does any right minded people from a true christian background. The victims have rights, they shouldn’t have their lives ruined by a football coach, a “celebrity” or a man in a collar and suffer again by those within such organisations protecting them and letting then evade justice. Disband EVERY organisation, business, “church” or group that would see a child become an adult knowing people put the needs of animals abovve their right to an innocent life. Keep blogging Bill and together we will show our moral fibre by speaking out even when its unpopular

  6. A courageous blog, given the delicate subject matter, Bill, but one that had to be written. Oh that we had a moral attitude in this matter of our American cousins, where, recently, there has been shown to have no time barring of sanctions and punishments and where the punishment does fit the crime.

    Let’s see the U.K. government hammer the companies where serial abuse took place such as the B.B.C. and Celtic F.C. and punish them retrospectively in a measure equal to the heinousness their crime so richly merits. The safety of one child is more precious than the reputation of any supposed institution.

  7. BILL, don’t you find that one CORRUPT organisation[parliament] is investigating another. this is all going to be whitewashed, or as some would put it [ SWEEP==SWEEP==SWEEP.from that other up-standing institution TORBETT TOWERS. these people will just close shop so to speak, even, more so when allegation’s about no10 are coming to light. do you honestly think that this nest of vipers will investigate this thoroughly, in a word NO.the catholic mp’s will try to shut this down, is it not strange that these CHILD ABUSERS seem to come from the ROMAN persuasion, and that is why this will be shut down. BILL, do you have an opinion on the btc, any info you might have got wind of, so to speak. would we be in our right to withdraw licence payment to a paedophile organisation i.e. BUGGERY BOYS COMPANY.does OUR morals, in refusing to fund paedophile activities not come into play here. we have BACKHANDERS,£2,000,000 POUNDS WORTH OF COMPUTERS going missing, is this not now time to shut this evil organisation down, is it right that we are branded CRIMINALS for not paying a tax, yet, ABUSE CHILDREN, steal equipment, payola,this shithole is not fit for purpose anymore.MP’S investigating this,it’s ludocrous how more corrupt can you get, than be an MP.g.s.t.q

    • Mibee just as well pal that £2m of computers disappeared from the bbc, you would never know what’s on them.

      The penn state pioneers will be shaking in their (or someone elsees) y-fronts – the spotlight will soon be on all organisations that aide & abett, & then hide such horrid crimes against society. The nspcc curtain that seperates the south from the east end of Glasgow will soon be ripped apart – and those that endorse this hineous crime will be sent packing, & possibly willingly received somewhere near italy.


      • Well jimmy saville did mate, the bbc’s next – and it looks like there’s a whole herd of perpetrators to follow. They mustn’t stop, they must keep going, all the way to the italy.

  8. I believe that the BBC should be excluded from reporting on any matters specifically related to child pornography, as they have proven that both internally (Saville) and externally (worst kept secret in British sport) that they refuse to accept that it is a) wrong b) worth damaging friendships to investigate for. In Scotland we see sports clubs and church hierarchy covering up and trying to hide this sordid secret, safe in the knowledge that the BBC (certainly in Scotland) will gloss over it for other reasons. Now that the English version of the BBC has been caught bang to rights, will we see the domino effect here in Scotland? Will the whole pack of cards come down from the broadcaster to the very people they have protected for decades? As the above poster has stated, I couldn’t put it better myself…. “Organisations that systematically cover up this heinous crime should be closed down and have their names spat and not spoken. Anyone expressing support for these organisations, vocal, financial or other, should themselves be treated as a filthy child-molestor”

  9. “The cover-up of paedophilia that blights and rots many an institution in this nation is coming apart at the seams.”

    Absolutely spot on Bill. Organisations that systematically cover up this heinous crime should be closed down and have their names spat and not spoken. Anyone expressing support for these organisations, vocal, financial or other, should themselves be treated as a filthy child-molestor.

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